• LOOPER stands for Learning Loops in the Public Realm and is a European project with the UK work funded by the ESRC.
  • LOOPER is developing an innovative online/offline approach to local planning that enables communities to design, implement and monitor solutions to local problems.
  • The Manchester work is focused on the Brunswick regeneration area in Ardwick working with S4B, who manage community relations in the PFI development, and Clicks and Links, a local digital SME.
  • This process takes place through ‘Urban Living Labs’ here in Manchester and also in Brussels and Verona. The Manchester lab has been established in Brunswick with project partners S4B and Clicks and Links.
  • An Urban Living Lab is a new model for experimental design and innovation at the urban and community level.  It can address practical problems such as air quality, road safety, noise, crime or greenspace.
  • These are similar to other Urban Living Labs, such as those on energy or smart technology, but here there is a particular focus on the Learning Loops, which enable good ideas to transfer or scale up
  • During the next two years LOOPER project participants from the Brunswick neighbourhood, local partner S4B and the University of Manchester will together move through the learning loops.
  • Based on collective understanding of the problems to be addressed, we will co-design potential solutions, and evaluate their feasibility and likely effectiveness.